Eaux (UK, live), M0 Disk0, Guy-Ohm - zaterdag 18 oktober

Eaux (UK, live)
DJ's: M0 Disk0, Guy-Ohm

For fans of: Chromatics ƒƒ Oneohtrix Point Never ƒƒ Fuck Buttons ƒƒ Fever Ray ƒƒ White Hinterland ƒƒ Kate Wax ƒƒ Balam Acab ƒƒ Beak> ƒƒ Nicolas Jaar ƒƒ ...

It drifts and trickles and then swells in a semi-meditative manner, and yet feels like a cousin of dance music that had an aunt that was massively into sound installation art..... elements of Oneohtrix Point Never off-setting the spiralling fizz of Factory Floor and Fuck Buttons..... From Fever Rey to White Hinterland to Kate Wax and beyond. Silky beats and a general sense of shimmering is what they do do. Grainy. Dreamy. 

Rising from the ashes of cult favourite Sian Alice Group at the beginning of 2012, Eaux is comprised of former members Sian Ahern, Ben Crook and Stephen Warrington. Eaux continue to sound enthralling encapsulating that dark, bewitching spirit perfectly, slowly drawing you in with Sian’s gliding vocals and the delicate, unobtrusive accompaniment from her band. 

The group's dark-side fixations bring to mind the smoky grandeur of contemporaries like Balam Acab, Beak>, and Zola Jesus, but i never sounds bleak for the sake of being bleak. The sweeping, trance-tinged new wave of New Peaks radiates wide-screen optimism, and the cozy Snow, with its muted Rhodes keyboard, recalls the intimate bedroom pop of Nicolas Jaar.

€8 vvk http://tinyurl.com/piafeaux
€12 kassa